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Traveling After COVID-19: What This Pandemic Has Taught Us

The quarantine has finally been lifted and COVID19 is well on its way to being conquered by humankind. We are all raring to go out, socialize, and spend some days on vacation. But what has the pandemic taught us while we were all locked up inside our homes? Will traveling be the same way it was? 

The onslaught of COVID-19 in the country had sent everyone reeling from its effects, both physically and mentally. Life was no longer the same, as the dreaded virus forced people to shut in and wait it out. We had it better compared to pandemics of the past, thanks to technology, modern health care, and improved logistics. 

We have endured, but we must not take it for granted. COVID-19 gave our lives new meaning, and it taught us a lot of things that should be applied on a day-to-day basis. If you are a frequent traveler, the following may have popped in your mind more frequently now than before. 

SAFETY. After COVID-19, we have learned to follow all safety measures from the moment we step out of the house. For longer trips, bringing medicine and an appropriate amount of sanitizing essentials have become a part of our checklist. Wearing a mask has become the norm too, and this shield has now taken a permanent place in our bags. 

While most people would already make plans for a vacation at a beachfront hotel in Boracay or book Puerto Princesa tours, there are those who would play it safe and go for a staycation in the city first. 

APPRECIATION. Tourism has been hit hard with the lack of people coming into the country. With everyone taking precaution after COVID-19, foreigners would think twice before visiting a foreign land. Good thing it is #morefuninthephilippines especially for us locals. We love visiting our own islands, and what the pandemic has taught us now more than ever is the appreciation of our country’s own beauty. We would be doing the economy good by traveling around the country – be it spending a staycation with the family at the best hotel there is in Tagaytay or flying solo to spend alone time at a hotel in Boracay’s Station 1. 

FRUGALITY. Spending all those weeks inside our houses has taught us how to budget and spend only on things we need. Being prudent, however, does not mean we should never go on a vacation. If you were able to sign up with a vacation club like AVLCI, then you’re in luck because you can still enjoy your privileges at an Astoria hotel or resort of your choice with no additional cost. No wonder AVLCI is considered as the best holiday ownership in the Philippines!

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PATIENCE AND COOPERATION. Whether it is lining up at the airport terminal or waiting for your order at a restaurant, you feel that discipline and cooperation play a key role in enjoying your vacation. Gone are the days when you would feel irate or impatient while you wait for your hotel room to get cleaned up. You are more cooperative now than ever; thanks to the experience you had being a team player with the rest of your neighbors, you all stayed home to slow down COVID-19’s progress. You learned that you not only helped yourself but saved the lives of your loved ones as well. 

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