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3 Popular Celebrities Who Love Astoria’s Banquet in a Box!


“Mukbang” or food vlogs have been going viral on social media and we know that you wouldn’t miss seeing your idols enjoying the unique sets of exquisite goodies from Astoria restaurants – Banquet in a Box. In detail, Banquet in a Box is a collection of individually packed meals, perfect for corporate or social events. Customers may choose their favorite combinations according to their budget from our Premium, Deluxe, and Standard menus.

Now that you already know what Banquet in a Box is, it’s time to discover why celebrities have fallen in love with our specialties!

1. Gretchen Fullido

The lovely news anchor and model, Ms. Gretchen Fullido, describes what to expect from our delicious creations. Just by looking at how fully packed her table is, you can truly tell that each set is fulfilling and worth every penny!

2. Sam YG

Mr. Sam YG, a TV host, together with his mom, Mrs. Su Gogna, unpack each box with excitement. From appetizers to main courses and desserts, all our creations are sure to win you over! Just make certain to watch the full video above.

3. Gelli De Belen-Rivera

Of course, the actress and TV host, Mrs. Gelli De Belen-Rivera, wouldn’t miss her favorite epicurean treats! She happily shares her fun dining experience at home through this video. Yummy, indeed! Don’t you agree?

Whether you are celebrating your event at the best hotel in Ortigas, Astoria Plaza, or hosting an occasion at home, feel free to start off your “mukbang” series like your celebrity idols! Just head over to to order or you may directly call our F&B team at (+63) 917-791-4965, (+63) 998-591-7487, (+63) 998-599-5636, or (+632) 8687-1111 locals 8064 and 8009. We offer food delivery in Pasig and in other parts of the metro.

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May you have a memorable feast with family, friends, or colleagues. Bon appetit!

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