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Things to Pack Before Checking in to a Quarantine Hotel

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As an OFW or person living abroad, getting that ticket for your trip back to the Philippines is an exciting feeling, and finally getting to see and hug loved ones makes you wish to fast forward time. 

But COVID-19 changed lives, and even though the worst has hopefully passed, health protocols are here to stay. People coming in from other countries to the Philippines still find themselves having to spend time in quarantine to voluntarily protect their loved ones. Thankfully, accredited hotels close to the airport like Astoria Greenbelt provide a haven to weary and homesick travelers.

Choosing a good quarantine hotel like Astoria Greenbelt is the easy part but spending your days in isolation can be a tedious experience. Luckily, this blog can help you decide on what to bring on your trip to protect you and at the same time, help shave off boredom and give yourself a more pleasant quarantine stay.

A Laptop

Being alone in a Makati hotel for the next few days would normally spell boredom but looking at the bright side, it presents the perfect opportunity to get work done on your laptop. With Astoria Greenbelt’s homy interior and fast internet, you will be able to finally complete that PowerPoint deck for your next presentation. You can also browse through the web to look for ways to improve your craft or learn new skills that can benefit your work.

Hobby Stuff

Since you will be spending a few days in isolation inside a Makati hotel, it would be best to pack something to help you burn time. Of course, you can entertain yourself by browsing through cable TV and entertainment apps like Netflix inside Astoria Greenbelt’s cliquey rooms, but you would want something different to keep things interesting and fun. Why not bring a model kit and some paint to create an awesome piece of art?  

Sanitation Kit

We are not just talking about your extra face mask and alcohol spray here—it is always a good idea to bring “quarantine clothes” too, cheap or old clothing that you can dispose of should you choose to before leaving the hotel. This kit should contain soap, wipes, and face shield.

Vitamin Organizer

It is always smart to organize and thanks to COVID-19, pill containers are popular. Take the time to separate and label your vitamins and even medicine for easy access once you are on the road. Better keep that resistance up before you check in at your favorite Makati hotel like Astoria Greenbelt!

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