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The Best Pasalubongs to Take Home from Your Travels

Be it a native delicacy, a small trinket, or just photos and videos from your vacation, souvenirs give us a feeling of nostalgia and remind us of how incredible a destination was. 

That’s why we’ve come up with a quick list of pasalubongs from the Philippines’ top destinations that you can take home for your loved ones and for yourself to showcase the beauty of traveling and to serve as a reminder of how truly amazing that getaway was!  

From Boracay with Love

No Boracay getaway will ever be complete without bringing home accessories that were handmade by locals using puka shells. We know it’s hard not to hoard, so buy some for your loved ones, as well! These will not only spice up your look, but will also serve as a big help to the sellers.

Not a big fan of accessories? Photographs – either candid or posed – can serve as great souvenirs, too! That’s why if you find yourself at Station 3, make sure to check out Astoria Current’s Stratos Bar. It’s not only the perfect spot to take in the majestic beauty of Boracay, but it’s also quite Instagram-worthy! You can take a snap of yourself lounging by the pool of Astoria Boracay if you’re at Station 1! We couldn’t think of a more picture-perfect souvenir to print and frame than that!

Bohol’s Best-Kept Secret

Have you heard about roasted corn coffee? Unique as it may seem, it’s made from local corns that are roasted and ground just like your usual coffee beans. The end product? A perfect-tasting drink with a depth of smoky bitterness and a hint of corn flavor. So when you travel to Bohol, don’t miss your chance to buy this specialty drink for all your coffee-loving friends. 

Palawan’s Specialties

Once you’re done exploring the wonders of Palawan, make sure to drop by the famous Baker’s Hill, where you can get your hands on the best delicacies of the island. From cashew nuts, mamon, and other baked goodies, they surely have a lot in store for you! Their best-selling treats are ube and monggo hopia, which are both loved by tourists and locals. We’re sure your foodie friends will like them, too!

We don’t know about you, but we enjoy shopping for treats and taking home memorabilia from all our travels. Here at AVLCI, we promise not only to take you to the best spots where you can get these treats, but to also give you one memorable vacation after another. You can be sure that you’re in safe hands, far from vacation club scams and counterfeit Astoria scams that may be lurking in the corner!
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