5 Outfit Ideas for Your Next Beach Getaway

Let us be honest – aside from our trip itineraries, almost all of us spend an equal amount of time planning our outfits, if not more. Aside from wanting to feel good, we all also deserve to look good, right?

To help you start planning for your glam beach looks, we’ve compiled a quick OOTD guide which you can check out if you need some fashion tips for your next beach trip! Make sure to pack these apparel must-haves if you want to look as stunning as the tourist spots you will be visiting!

  • Monochromatic or neutral-colored swimwear: perfect for minimalists
Photo by @xoxo.cea

You can never go wrong with something classic! A white-hot piece of beach swimwear or a B&W swimsuit with color-blocking will surely help transform your look from burnout to standout! Who says neutral is boring? Whether you decide to take a dip in the ocean or take a picture in front of the marvelous resort in Boracay, Station 3, Astoria Current, wearing these classic colors will always help you look your best.

  • Warm tones: perfect for olive-skinned ladies
Photo by @micalife

It is about time for us to destroy the idea that beauty is only valid for fair-skinned people. To all olive-skinned beauties out there, it is time for you to embrace yourselves! Highlight your wonderfully pigmented skin by wearing earth-toned outfits and bikinis. You will surely feel more confident and ready to slay that Instagram-worthy poses you have been seeing online. You go, girls!

  • Cool tones: perfect for fair-skinned lads and ladies
Photo by @jasminesapitan

Before soaking up the sun to achieve that much-needed tan, don swim and lounge wear in cool tones first! These will surely complement your fair skin and give your look that special oomph!

  • Plains and prints: perfect for those traveling in groups and pairs
Photo by @lyzlanne

For those of you who will be traveling with your families or with your partners, we guarantee that a perfect mix of plains and prints will make your OOTDs more Instagram-worthy! You can also add some fun patterns here and there to make it even more funky!

  • Bright shades and pops of color: perfect for the adventurous ones

Photo by @genfinityyy

Photo by @yosoymardy

Without a doubt, brightly colored attire and swimwear are always a good idea especially if you are staying at the prime resort in Boracay, Station 3, Astoria Current! Wherever you go and whomever you are with, these pops of color can make you an instant eye candy and can bring life to your outfit. If you want to take it an extra step, try to throw in some neon colors as well!

Want to go all out and make a big fashion statement? Why not match your face mask with the color of your outfit? That’s what we call fashionably safe!

So, you see? All you have to do is to choose which of these fashion tips and tricks work best for you and your style. We assure you that a thrilling escape at the best hotel in Boracay, Station 3 would become even more spectacular if you are equipped with your hottest beach suits. Now, feel free to SEAs the day at Astoria Current!

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